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Following the release of a 3rd. album in September 2015, concerts TBA

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Pictorial Candi is the pseudonym of off-kilter Argentinian songstress and writer Candelaria Saenz Valiente. As Pictorial Candi she has released a first album called "Eat your coney island" in 2012 and a second one which will be out in November 2013 called "Drink", which is an actual DIY bottled drink with a download code at the back of the bottle's label. Both albums somehow suggest the same imagery: a peer in an old holiday resort. They are both highly romantic albums, not in a love sense, but in a more 80's reminisce sense. These are mixed tapes of the wildest generic spectra.

The Pictorial Candi band has played at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, played along Sean Nicholas Savage, and opened up for R Stevie Moore on two occasions. He wrote: "You, my friend, are the best there is."

She has been known in Poland before as the lead vocalist in Paristetris, a Warsaw based band who's music has been associated to Deerhoof, Melt Banana, Mr. Bungle and japanese punk.
In the last four years she’s released two albums with Paristetris and with them, since, has played *(scroll down for the ever growing list of places footnote) with Fred Frith in Warsaw 2011 and with Eddie Stevens (Moloko, zero 7) in Open’er and in Warsaw.

She is, aside from her musical career, the author of the novel "El Infierno de Orfeo Blaumont" and a book of short fiction: "Huésped Huésped". Currently she is the Literary Director of Acuático, a small argentinian publishing house.
Her most prominent invention is the Ebertonium Candelaria, an electrical, polyphonic synthesizer based on tuned light bulbs.

*Open’er Festival and in Off Festival, in Poland; in Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, NE; in SKIFF Festival in Saint Petersburg; in Villa Reykjavik, Iceland; Villa Tokyo, Japan; toured Poland, played in Germany and Brazil; in Buenos Aires, Kiev and in the south of France.

Candelaria Saenz Valiente - vocals, guitar
Marcin Masecki - synth
Małgosia Penkałła - Guitar, keys, vocals
Tom Pop - Drums


Pictorial Candi "Drink" LP, Lado abc 2013

Pictorial Candi "Eat Your Coney Island" LP, Lado ABC 2012

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