Secret Salts is Pictorial Candi's 4th LP album. Released on Mansions & Millions and on Nicey Music in the U.S. It is an album about walking back and forth over the thin line of sanity while bracing yourself and laughing intimately.
A love for prog rock and art house can be heard under a dream pop synthscape. A love for Hal Hartley, Schooly D, Dean Blunt, Popol vuh, R Stevie Moore, a love for mix tapes.
"Valiente’s music is good to have, her crooning is etched in my head. Here it feels cosmic, a picture of the universe as the loneliest bedroom." "There’s a feeling of David Lynch here [...] the frailty and guileless self-pleasure of the lady in the radiator." Post-trash (below the full review)
Pictorial Candi will be accompanied on tour by her friend and admired writer/performer Erin Honeycutt, who with the deepest insight puts the ineffable into words.

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"...You can feel the artistic order and consistency - the plan (a very good plan) was skilfully made - melodic lines were beautifully drawn (and even on the bass - like in Softest Cosmos), the timbre of the instruments was beautifully refined. However, everything unique in Pictorial Candi begins, and how differently, when the voice of Candelaria appears - and these are once again great, expressive, original and immediately memorable vocal lines. [...] The arrangements in Secret Salts are also at the highest level, I don't remember a better album with songs this year in Poland. I certainly didn't adore any as much as this." Translated from Przegląd Wydawniczy